The focus of the CSTI Meeting in 2017 was on the interface between inflammatory signalling and cellular metabolism, cell death, autoimmunity, cancer, and how discoveries in these areas can lead to the identification of novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers.

Speakers included:

  • Jen Morton (Glasgow, UK) “Targeting Myeloid Cell Signalling - Therapeutic Strategies for Pancreatic Cancer
  • Manolis Pasparakis The interplay between IKK/NF-kB and RIPK1 signalling in cell death and inflammation"
  • Fabienne Mackay Targetting the BAFF receptor TACI in Chronic Lymphocyte Leukaemia
  • Andrew Cox "The Hippo-Yap pathway regulates anabolic glucose metabolism to support organ growth"
  • Mark Febbraio "The engineered designer cytokine IC7 protects against obesity-induced metabolic disease"
  • Nicholas Clemons "Mutant p53 impairs glutathione synthesis via suppression of the glutamate/cysteine exchanger, xCT: a potential Achilles heel"
  • Phil Darcy "New strategies for enhancing CAR T cell therapy for cancer"
  • Kate Stacey "TLR4 antagonists in treatment of dengue virus infection"
  • Ashley Mansell "Temporal targeting of the NLRP3 inflammasome demonstrates the therapeutic pitfalls of good and bad inflammation during viral challenge"
  • Ilia Voskoboinik "Cytotoxic lymphocyte deficiency and susceptibility to cancer"
  • Sandra Nicholson "SOCS protein regulation of NK cell-mediated tumor immunity"
  • Christian Doerig "Signalome-wide assessment of host cell response to intracellular pathogens: a source of novel targets for anti-infectives"
  • Stuart Pitson "Targeting the sphingosine kinases in inflammation and cancer"
  • Meredith O’Keeffe "Dendritic cells & interferon-lambda"
  • Colby Zaph "Epigenetic Regulation of Immunity and Inflammation"
  • Erica Sloan "Targeting a neural-inflammatory signalling axis to stop metastasis"
  • Belinda Parker "Turning up the heat on breast cancer to prevent metastasis "
  • Matthias Ernst "Mast cells and Macrophages as therapeutic target for gastrointestinal cancers"
  • Mary Vail "Therapeutic targeting or modulation of EphA3 in the inflammatory tumor microenvironment inhibits cancer growth"
  • Shaun McColl "A new paradigm in chemokine receptor-mediated regulation of the type 17 immune response"
  • Paul Hertzog "Regulating the inflammatory actions of type I interferons: from receptors to ISGs"
  • John Silke "Beware the MLKL, the jaws that bite: Uffish thoughts on the role of necroptosis and inflammation"
  • Martin Stone "Key Determinants of Differential Signalling at Chemokine Receptors"
  • Thomas Naderer "Preventing inflammation and infections by inducing apoptosis "
  • Marc Pellegrini "Understanding and harnessing endogenous TNF’s therapeutic potential"
  • Ben Kile "Caspases, mitochondrial DNA and DAMP signalling"

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