The focus of the inaugural CSTI Meeting was how an increased understanding of aberrant cellular signalling in cancer development and progression can lead to the identification of novel therapeutic strategies and biomarkers. Speakers included:
  • Ben Neel (New York)
  • Philippe Bastiaens (Dortmund)
  • Nick Tonks (Cold Spring Harbor)
  • Andrew Scott (Melbourne)
  • Angel Lopez (Adelaide)
  • Grant McArthur (Melbourne)
  • Paul Timpson (Sydney)
  • Tony Burgess (Melbourne)
  • Nikki Verrills (Newcastle)
  • Gail Risbridger (Melbourne)
  • Andrew Boyd (Brisbane)
  • Katharina Gaus (Sydney)
  • Roger Daly (Melbourne)
  • Peter Janes (Melbourne)
  • Christina Mitchell (Melbourne)
  • Ross Hannan (Melbourne)
  • Matthias Ernst (Melbourne)
  • Alex Swarbrick (Sydney)
  • Sherene Loi (Melbourne)

Check out the photos from the 2015 edition on the CSTI Flickr page here.

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